The Revolution in Parenthood (2006) Elizabeth MarquardtE

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CBC Cross Country Checkup
Dec 12, 2021

"Is the Marriage Debate Over?" (Interviews with Minister Cotler, Stephen Harper, Daniel Cere, etc.)



The Canadian Marriage Debate
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House of Commons Passes the " Civil Marriage Act," Bill C-38, redefining marriage as a "union of two persons" and extending marriage to same-sex couples (June 28, 2021).

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National Assembly of France, "Report on the Family and the Rights of Children" (2006): Executive Summary in English



New ISMLC Report

The Future of Family Law: Law and the Marriage Crisis in North America

Can a child have three legal parents? Should parenthood be routinely determined by something other than biology? Should we extend the right to marriage to same-sex couples? To groups of people? Or should we abolish marriage as a legal institution all together? These are some of the questions currently being discussed in the field of family law, where arguments about the future of the family have moved far beyond the question of same-sex marriage. The Future of Family Law: Law and the Marriage Crisis in North America , a new report released by the Council on Family Law, holds up for clear view the fundamentally different models of marriage that are contributing to deep public clashes over the law of marriage, cohabitation, and parenthood. The interdisciplinary Council on Family Law is chaired by Mary Ann Glendon of Harvard Law School. The report's author is Dan Cere, director of the Institute for the Study of Marriage, Law, and Culture.

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Two New Studies on the State of Canadian Families
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"What Next for the Marriage Movement?" See Link

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