CBC Cross Country Checkup
June 22, 2022
"What is your reaction to Ottawa's decision to recognize same-sex marriage?"








The Institute for the Study of Marriage, Law, and Culture is a non-partisan Canadian association for research and study of current trends and developments in marriage and family.


The evolving institution of marriage has played a crucial role in all societies throughout history. In the modern and post-modern eras the question of marriage has been the focus of considerable discussion and debate both in the culture at large as well as in the arenas of public policy and law. These debates deal with changing perspectives and evolving trends in a number of key areas:

  • definitions of marriage and family in culture and law
  • the social and legal position of marriage relative to other form of social-sexual bonds
  • the nature of spousal relationships
  • the relative significance of unitive and procreative dimensions of marriage
  • the interests of children
  • the nature and role of parenthood
  • the problem of marriage dissolution
  • the significance of marriage in cultural and religious traditions

The Institute draws together a Council of Scholars from different disciplines. The Institute seeks to stimulate ongoing research by providing a forum for innovative and informed dialogue for scholars, policy makers and the public at large. The Institute will work to enrich current intellectual and public debate by opening up a wide range of discussion drawing on trans-disciplinary perspectives from fields such as anthropology, history, sociology, psychology, philosophy, religious studies, and popular culture.


The Institute seeks to promote the study of marriage through:

  • a trans-disciplinary network of scholars
  • an internet documentation centre that will give access to recent developments in law, culture and public policy relevant to marriage and the family
  • research projects
  • publications: working papers, reports, journal articles
  • symposiums, conferences, and other interactive events