CBC Cross Country Checkup
June 22, 2022
"What is your reaction to Ottawa's decision to recognize same-sex marriage?"







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United Nations

U.N - Families in the Process of Development. Resources, publications, international trends. See Link

Major Trends Affecting Families: 10 Background Studies on various regions of the world. See Link

"Family Matters" a bi-monthly newsletter by the U.N. Programme on the Family. See Link

Doha Declaration on the Family (2004): International Conference Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the United Nations International Year of the Family. See Link




Commission on European Family Law. See Link

Alan Carlson, "The Failure of European Family Policy" (Dec. 2004). See Link



Marriage rates declining, divorce rates increasing (2003), See Link



Marriage Rates. See Link

Fertility Rates. See Link

National Assembly of France, "Report on the Family and the Rights of Children" (2006): See Link / Executive Summary in English


Marriage and Divorce Statistics. See Link



"Latest Developments in the Italian Family" See Link


New Zealand

New Zealand Law Commission: "New Issues in Parenthood" See Link



Marriage Statistics 1950-2003. See Link

Marriage Statistics for 2004. See Link

Marriage Dissolutions.. See Link

Population Growth Plummets in 2004. See Link

Same-Sex Marriage: Netherlands Developments. See Link

Stanley Kurtz, "Going Dutch, Lessons of the Same-Sex Marriage Debate in the Netherlands." Weekly Standard, May 2004. See Link

Andrew Sullivan, "Kurtz on Scandanavia" See Link

Stanley Kurtz, "The Marriage Mentality: Reply to My Critics" National Reveiw, May 2004. See Link

Stanley Kurtz, "No explanation: Gay Marriage has sent the Netherlands the way of Scandinavia." National Review, June 2004. See Link

Stanley Kurtz, "Dutch Debate: Despite a challenge, the evidence stands: Marriage is in decline in the Netherlands." National Review, July 2004. See Link

Lee Badgett, "Will Providing Marriage Rights to Same-Sex Couples Undermine Heterosexual Marriage? Evidence from Scandinavia and the Netherlands." July 2004. See Link



Stanley Kurtz, "The End of Marriage in Scandinavia" Weekly Standard, Feb. 2004. See Link


United Kingdom

Marriage and Cohabitation statistics. See Link

Divorce rates increasing. See Link




United States - Legal/Political Developments

Marriage Debate

Morrison v. Sadler: May 7, 2022, Judge S.K. Reid dismissed the suit seeking marriage licenses for three same-sex couples Docket #49D13-0211-PL001946, Marion County Superior Court (Indiana)

Goodridge v. Dept. of Publ. Health
The Massachusetts court redefines marriage as a union of two persons. Docket #2001-1647A, Suffolk County Super. Ct. (Mass.)

Lewis v. Harris ,
Docket #15-03, Mercer County Super. Ct. (N.J.)

Morrison v. Sadler
Docket #49A02-0305-CV-447 (Ind. Ct. App.)

Standhardt v. Superior Court
Case No. 1 CA SA-03-0150 (Ariz. Ct. App.)

New Hampshire Legislative Commission Report on Same-Sex Civil Marriage. (2005) See Link

New Hampshire Legislative Commission Report on Same-Sex Civil Marriage. (2005) See Link